Our Story

Hi! I'm Nicole, mama behind Buccio Baby Shop, Postpartum Doula & Postpartum Coach.

In 2013 Buccio Baby Shop was started from a dining room table in a third floor apartment as a creative outlet and something to occupy my hands. I found myself newly laid off from my job and six months pregnant. As my little surprise did somersaults in my belly, I started designing my own baby accessories as I had wanted custom, trendy items that I could not find in your every day stores. Once my little monkey was born I was quickly gaining requests for the items I had made for him and opened an Etsy shop.

Nearly two years after listing my first product, I now have two little monkeys, I offer over 100 different items, have our own growing website and many different lines of mama tested, baby approved accessories.


Every one of my products have been items that I have used and loved. They have been through the test of life, the test of babies and the test of toddlers. They have snuggled and swaddled, my babes. Comforted during nap time, aided in teething, they have allowed me to accessorize and feel stylish as a mama without the fear of baby ruining my accessories. They are soft, safe and of only the best quality. They have been used and loved. They are truly mama tested and baby approved.

I want to give the same to you, the sweet memories with your babies. The products that stand the test of time. Products that are there to make your life easier and prettier along the way.

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