The Teething & Nursing Ring Necklaces are my favorite thing ever! I love the addition it makes to my outfits, keeps her busy playing, something to bite on while teething, and something to grab while nursing. So obsessed!! 


My little guy spits up and drools non-stop. I don't like normal bibs because they rub his neck, cover up his cute outfits, and usually aren't very absorbent. Buccio Baby Shop's bandana bibs are a game changer! They are super soft, absorbent, and have adorable prints that compliment his outfits instead of covering them up. We use them every day and get tons of compliments!


Liam is obsessed with his Teething Leash! We have to take it where ever we go, it clips on to our baby carrier when I'm wearing him, to his car seat and his stroller - we are seriously obsessed!!